Anonymous: Have you ever sent nudes


dead-seacrets: I don't know how you've been doing, cause you haven't posted in 3 weeks, and I know i've never really talked to you, or sent you an ask... but when you come back to this website, if you do, I want you to know that I care and you can talk to me if you're trying to cope with anything..I really hope I can get a reply to this message soon, hope you are feeling decent.. <3

aw, thank you. yeah, im doing well. ive just been a bit busy, and i havent really gotten onto to tumblr. 

Anonymous: Hey you're pretty :) oh ps I has two very beautiful friends commit suicide, I always feel like it's my fault, like I didn't save them. Plz know that you are loved by many, including me :D and um stay alive because I'll feel like I failed again if you don't. I'm dying of cancer right now, so promise me you'll stay alive, at least until I go?

thank you love! & thats too bad too hear.. i hope the best for you :)

alyssamae-t: I've decided that I like you. You show some of the same characteristics as me. But also you have very different ones. Basically you seem wonderful and I hope you have good day/night friend

aw thank you! you too :)

Anonymous: i know your going through alot, but you can't just always use the "i'm going through alot" card to get you out of every situation, treat others how you'd like to be treated, simple as that.

its really funny because i dont actually use that what so ever. i treat all my close friends greatly and yes sometimes i get really upset and i may ignore you or engage in little conversation but i treat everyone fairly. i treat everyone the way i want to be treated.

first attempt: may 13 2013

never imagined it like this, very suttle actually. my mom just drove me to the hospital.. the doctors took it so gently, i imangined it so much more, dramatic. it just means more counseling

Anonymous: Did u delete ur ask fm


Anonymous: I'm so sorry about your askfm messages. when I made one i got some pretty brutal ones too. but youre gorgeous and don't believe otherwise, i know i hate when people say that too, but it's true!

no dont be!! & you too :)

the first time I drew blood (2 months in)

"November 18th 2012
Entry #24

The weekend was decent but anyways. Today, I broke my razor and two long and slim blades fell out. I took one of the baldes and put it to my skin. With the smallest move across my wrist, I started bleeding. It didnt even hurt. I fell into this weird trance or state where I couldn’t stop cutting. I wasnt sad, or depressed, I just liked pulling the blade across my skin and watching cuts form and bleed. It was like watching people dance across the stage, covered in red fabric. It was soothing and relaxing and now I cant stop. “